Gyms With A Pool

gyms with pools

Looking for some gyms with a pool? Look no further!

At Xperience Fitness, we recognize the need for aquatic workouts and understand how good of exercise you can get in the pool. Our pools have open swim hours when guests can swim laps as long as a lane is open, and we also have a regular class schedule!

AquaFit & AquaZumba Gym Pool Classes

Our gym pool classes include AquaFit, a great aerobic and resistance training class in the water that will help strengthen your muscles without putting added stress on your joints, as well as AquaZumba. The popular Latin dance class goes into the water! It’s a fun “pool party” dance workout with high energy and music that blends the Zumba formula with traditional aqua fitness disciplines to bring you a safe, challenging, water-based workout. It’s cardio-conditioning, body-toning, and exhilarating!

Gyms With A Pool In Appleton and Green Bay, WI

Xperience Fitness Appleton

(920) 750-6300

1280 N Hard Dr, Appleton, WI

Xperience Fitness Green Bay

(920) 490-9900

2763 S Oneida St, Green Bay, WI

Gyms With A Pool Near Milwaukee, WI

Xperience Fitness Brookfield

(262) 754-3300

12575 W Capitol Dr, Brookfield, WI

Xperience Fitness Greenfield


6251 S 27th St, Greenfield, WI

Xperience Fitness Hales Corners

(414) 858-1700

5321 S 108th St, Hales Corners, WI

Xperience Fitness West Allis

(414) 454-0019

53214 W Greenfield Ave, West Allis, WI

Xperience Fitness Waukesha

(262) 522-3777

120 E Sunset Dr, Waukesha, WI

Gyms With A Pool Near Minneapolis, MN

Xperience Fitness Apple Valley

(952) 209-3630

15125 Cedar Ave, Apple Valley, MN

Xperience Fitness Blaine

(763) 296-0800

8943 University Ave NE , Blaine, MN

Xperience Fitness Coon Rapids

(763) 432-1337

3340 124th Ave NW, Coon Rapids, MN

Xperience Fitness Roseville

(651) 432-4300

1663 County Rd B2 W, Roseville, MN

Xperience Fitness Woodbury

(651) 259-6200

1555 Queens Dr, Woodbury, MN

Why Should You Get a Membership for a Gym with a Pool, Sauna, or Hot Tub?

There are plenty of health and fitness benefits related to a gym pool, sauna, or hot tub. Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider getting a membership.

1. Provides Less Stress on Your Joints

If you have join pain, osteoarthritis, or simply don’t want to put stress on your joints, swimming is an excellent alternative to other cardio workouts! Swimming in a clean, spacious gym pool allows your heart rate to go up, exercises your muscles, and helps you recover from any recent injuries you may have experienced.

2. Reduces Inflammation & Promotes Recovery

Using a sauna at Xperience Fitness can help reduce any inflammation and relieve muscle soreness. This can also speed up your recovery if you’ve experienced an injury. Talk with your trainer about the benefits of a gym sauna – especially if you need a way to relieve any muscular soreness.

3. Adds Variety to Your Cardio Workouts

Swimming in a gym pool can add another option to your cardio workout. In fact, switching out part of your usual cardio routine can motivate you – plus swimming works your muscles in different ways, while also putting less strain on your joints. Not only that, but swimming produces endurance, boosts your mood, and even helps to reduce stress. Read here for 12 benefits of swimming and why you should consider a gym pool for part of your cardio workout routine.

It’s worth considering adding swimming to your routine if you’re looking for something a bit different.

4. Availability of Solo Swimming or Group Classes

If you’re interested in trying out water aerobics in a group class setting, you’ll find Xperience Fitness’ classes to be a lot of fun! Learn how to move in the water among other aqua enthusiasts in our AquaFit and AquaZumba classes – or swim solo. The choice is yours!

Get a Membership Today!

Interested in making a gym pool a part of your daily cardio workout? Our group classes at our Xperience Fitness locations are available to Fit level and Orange Card members only.

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