How to become a morning fitness person

Most of us know someone, or a few people, who love working out at the crack of dawn. It’s 4:00 a.m. and they’re already on their way to the gym. Sounds crazy, right? Well, those folks will insist it’s the best way to start the day and frees up their afternoons and evenings. If you’ve had trouble finding early morning motivation, we’ve got a few tips for you on how to become a morning fitness person.

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Tips to become a morning fitness person

1. Slowly adjust your alarm clock

If you’re used to getting up at 7:00, don’t rush immediately to waking up at 4:00. Ease into it. Go one week waking up at 6:00 and get acclimated to it. Then try another week at 5:30, then another at 5:00 until you’re comfortable with rising earlier and earlier. Sooner or later you will get used to it and will find it more manageable.

2. Prep the night before

Save time in the morning by getting your workout clothes and shoes laid out neatly in your bedroom. Place your gym bag, water bottle, and any other equipment you’ll need by the door. This will not only save you some steps in the morning but it will also give you visual motivation.

3. Don’t snooze

As tempting as the snooze button is, it will only slow you down and it could halt your morning fitness efforts entirely. It might seem hard at first, but once the alarm goes off, get up and get after it! Once you’re up and around, it will be much easier than you’re fearing.

4. Hydrate

Slam some water right away. If you need to, slam a cup of coffee while you’re at it. While you don’t want to develop a caffeine dependency, a little bit of coffee won’t hurt you and it can be just enough to get you going on those extra hard days. Water, meanwhile, will hydrate your body after hours of sleep and help get everything going to start the day. Proper hydration will also help you maximize your workout, no matter what time of day it is!

5. Start with 10 minutes of cardio

Once you’re at the gym, hop on a treadmill, bike, or elliptical to start. This will turn your mind on if you’re still feeling groggy and it will be a great way to become energized for the rest of your workout.

While these tips may not be foolproof, they should help you get on the right track! Become a morning fitness person and free up your nights from now on!