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Does The Xperience Fitness Orange Card Include Cryotherapy?

With the Xperience Fitness Orange Card, it feels like there’s nothing you can’t do at our clubs… and that’s because... Read More

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How Does a Cryotherapy Chamber Work?

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Can Cryotherapy Enhance Athletic Performance?

Since the inception of competitive sports many centuries ago, human beings have been fascinated with competition. And as long as we have... Read More

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Dance Cardio Classes Near Me

Xperience Fitness hosts a ton of different classes designed to meet many different needs. Among our most popular classes are Zumba and Aqua... Read More

What are the Benefits of a Micro Workout?

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HIIT vs. LISS Workouts

You may have heard about the trendy HIIT and LISS workout routines. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training and LISS stands for... Read More

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Can Protein Powder Help You Lose Weight?

People most often associate protein and protein powders with muscle gains. While that’s a reasonable first assumption, protein is... Read More

Healthy Memorial Day Recipes

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Healthy Mexican Recipes For Cinco de Mayo

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