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Does The Xperience Fitness Orange Card Include Cryotherapy?

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How Does a Cryotherapy Chamber Work?

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Can Cryotherapy Enhance Athletic Performance?

Since the inception of competitive sports many centuries ago, human beings have been fascinated with competition. And as long as we have... Read More

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Why You Shouldn’t Skip The Last 5 Minutes of Class

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5 Best Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises are great because they don’t require any equipment and can quite easily be done whenever and wherever. Strength... Read More

Are you wearing the right shoes at the gym?

Are you wearing the right shoes at the gym? Your workout takes it all out of you and, when you wear the right shoes to support your... Read More

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Should you keep a food journal?

Although food journals have been around for a while, there are many ways to apply this concept to the modern age. So if you do not want to... Read More

Healthy Grill Recipe – Burger Cabbage Wraps

Ingredients 4 large green cabbage leaves (from 1 head) 1 lb. ground beef Kosher salt Freshly ground black pepper4  slices cheddar cheese... Read More

Healthy Ice Cream Alternatives

We all know how tasty and satisfying a dish of ice cream is. Is there anything more delicious on a hot summer day? Unfortunately, if... Read More