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exterior view of a cryotherapy chamber

How Does a Cryotherapy Chamber Work?

You have probably heard about cryotherapy and you may have even undergone cryotherapy yourself many times, but how does that cryochamber... Read More

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Can Cryotherapy Enhance Athletic Performance?

Since the inception of competitive sports many centuries ago, human beings have been fascinated with competition. And as long as we have... Read More

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Tips For Meal Prepping

Recovery is somewhat of a never-ending process. If you have a consistent workout routine, you’re going to have a consistent recovery... Read More

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How HIIT Workouts Can Help You Lose Weight

Looking to lose weight? There are countless methods all kinds of people have developed, but finding the right one for you isn’t as... Read More

MyZone Belt – The Green Zone

When you wear your MyZone belt during an intense workout, you will likely shift between the yellow and red zones most often. The green... Read More

Healthy Halloween Treats

We all know trick-or-treating is for dressing up as something spooky and collecting a stockpile of candy. Kids will be kids, and that’s... Read More

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How Planning Your Meals Can Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight is one of the most common, yet hardest things people try to do. It takes months of dedication and hard work, and even then... Read More

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Self-Care Guide For Fall

The fall season can be the best time of year if you like cooler temperatures, changing leaves, and Halloween. With summer over, we thought... Read More

beet and apple salad

Healthy Recipe – Beet Apple Salad

Ingredients 1 tbsp pine nuts ½ cup grated beets  ½ apple 2 handfuls arugula  For the maple vinaigrette 1 tbsp olive oil... Read More