Why Should I Wear A MyZone Belt?

towel and myzone belt on treadmill

If you are a frequent visitor to an Xperience Fitness club, you have probably seen MyZone belts being worn by other patrons but maybe you haven’t learned about what it is and what it does. Well, we’re here to help! Check out the info below and you might want to consider getting your own MyZone belt!

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What does a MyZone belt do?

A MyZone belt is a practical and easy way to set and track your fitness goals. It measures your heart rate, estimates the number of calories you’ve burned, and it tracks time during your workout. It does all of this without requiring any effort from out beyond putting it on! It tracks all of this information by picking up electrical signals generated by your beating heart. This info is recorded almost instantly and provides you with valuable feedback so you know how your workout is going and can make any necessary adjustments. By seeing your fitness information firsthand, you may find extra motivation and be able to hold yourself more accountable. Studies have shown that when people are presented with results (or lack thereof), they will be more likely to react.

How can I get a MyZone belt?

As an Xperience Fitness club member, you will be eligible for a MyZone belt when you sign up for the XF Orange Card. Orange Card holders have a slew of benefits, and having a MyZone belt is just the tip of the iceberg. When you sign up for the Orange Card, you also receive unlimited access to all XF locations, HIIT and group classes, 3D body scans, and guest privileges. Contact us to learn more!