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How HIIT Workouts Can Help You Lose Weight

Looking to lose weight? There are countless methods all kinds of people have developed, but finding the right one for you isn’t as... Read More

MyZone Belt – The Green Zone

When you wear your MyZone belt during an intense workout, you will likely shift between the yellow and red zones most often. The green... Read More

Healthy Halloween Treats

We all know trick-or-treating is for dressing up as something spooky and collecting a stockpile of candy. Kids will be kids, and that’s... Read More

Benefits of Using a Sauna

Using a sauna might just seem like an excuse to relax in a super hot box. And while that’s essentially what it’s designed for, our... Read More

9 Workouts for Fall – A Workout Guide

Below, we will list and break down seven different exercises for you to focus on this fall. These workouts will feature a mixture of pull,... Read More

Benefits of Swimming Laps

Swimming is one of the most complete exercises you can do because it works just about every muscle in your body. At Xperience Fitness, we... Read More

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What Are the Different Types of Q Classes at Xperience Fitness?

At Xperience Fitness, we offer Q, a high-intensity exercise program designed to burn as many calories as possible in a short period of... Read More

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Walking Trails Near Me

As the weather continues to cool off and the leaves begin to change, it’s a good time to scope out some nearby walking trails. Who... Read More

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Best Workouts For Weight Loss

Anyone who has tried to meet a weight loss goal will tell you it doesn’t come easily. Losing unwanted weight requires dedication,... Read More

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How To Get Past A Weight-Loss Plateau

Finding any kind of success when trying to lose weight is beyond commendable. We are always our own worst critics, however, and it can be... Read More

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Habits That Will Help You Lose Weight

Anyone who has tried to lose weight will tell you it doesn’t happen overnight. Losing weight is the most common fitness goal amongst... Read More

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Simple Changes That Can Lead To Weight Loss

Losing weight is the most common fitness goal amongst Americans. We’d all like to build muscle and become better conditioned, but... Read More

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Our Most Popular GroupX Classes

If you haven’t heard, GroupX is our series of different group fitness classes. Group classes are a great way to exercise because they... Read More

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MyZone Belt – The Red Zone

The MyZone fitness tracker belt is a great tool for measuring your fitness success. There are several different zones in which users will... Read More

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Transitioning from Outdoor to Indoor Workouts

As the summer comes to a close, it’s time to consider your plan for working out inside. Many of us love going for runs or walks... Read More

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3 Ways Orange Card Makes You Happier, Healthier, Stronger

If you don’t know about the Orange Card, you’re in for a treat. Orange Card is our top membership that includes every possible... Read More

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Must-Have Equipment for Your Home Gym

Having a home gym is a luxury many wish they could experience. Even the most basic home gym provides a convenient way to further your... Read More

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How Protein Aids Weight Loss

You may have heard that protein is an essential nutrient for losing weight. We’re here to confirm that. Yes, you will have a much... Read More

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What are the Benefits of Aqua Zumba?

What if you took one of the most popular branded dance classes in the world and put it… in water? Since 2001, Zumba classes have... Read More

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Breakfast Tips for Weight Loss

The old adage is true; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast, as the name implies, is when you break your overnight... Read More

MyZone Belt – The Yellow Zone

This isn’t a spinoff of a certain famous 1960s anthology sci-fi TV show. No, the yellow zone references the area indicated by your... Read More

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Healthy Labor Day Ideas

Labor Day, for most of us, is a much-needed day off as the summer nears its end. Who doesn’t love a three-day weekend? Well, we... Read More

Q HIIT vs Group X

Q HIIT vs. Group X – Which is Right For You?

At Xperience Fitness, we have Q HIIT classes and Group X classes. If you’re new to the Orange Card or just new to the gym in general,... Read More

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How to Make Working Out a Habit

Going to the gym or getting any sort of workout in regularly is often one of the biggest hurdles we have to jump to get our fitness on... Read More

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Benefits of Off Days and Relaxation

“No days off.” “Grind don’t stop.” Well, there are some days off and the grind do stop. Yes, it’s okay... Read More

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Our 2 Favorite Orange Card Perks

The Orange Card here at Xperience Fitness is our most popular membership and the one that has the most value! We talk a lot about the... Read More

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How to Workout While Gardening

Tending a garden is a great, wholesome, and rewarding hobby to have. It can also be a source of exercise if you do things right! No,... Read More

How to Choose the Right Membership for You

Any time you join a new gym (or any kind of club) it can be overwhelming. You’re given different options and packages and you might... Read More

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Our Top 2 Xperience Fitness Anywhere Programs

Xperience Fitness Anywhere, otherwise known as XFA, is a great tool many of our club members use. XFA is a way to stay active and connected... Read More

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What Are The Benefits Of Wearable Technology?

In recent years, hands-free and wearable devices have increased in popularity. This is especially true in the gym. More and more people are... Read More