Team Training vs. Group X – Which is Right For You?

Q HIIT vs Group X

At Xperience Fitness, we have Team Training (T2) classes and Group X classes. If you’re new to the Orange Card or just new to the gym in general, you might not be familiar. Here, we’ll give some details about both T2 and Group X so you can decide for yourself which option is better for you. Or heck, why not try both?!

What is Team Training (T2)?

Essentially, T2 is the replacement of Q. In years past, Q served as our premier HIIT class and T2 is expanding on that. Much like Q, T2 involves 45-minute long classes that are designed to a singular focus of either building muscle, burning calories, or improving performance. These classes are Strong, Fit, Warrior, and Q (this class remains the same as the Q of old).

We have a short blog series relating to T2 and you can read up on each T2 class by clicking the links below.

Team Training: Strong

Team Training: Fit

Team Training: Warrior

Team Training: Q HIIT

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What is Group X?

Group X is what we call our group fitness classes. While T2 qualifies as a fitness class, it is more strenuous than our Group X classes. Group X includes a wide variety of options from Aquafit water aerobics to combat training to spin classes to Zumba and more. Our Group X classes are split into five categories: Aqua, Cardio, Cycling, Mind & Body, and Resistance. Group classes like these are great ways to find more regularity in your workout routine. And if you come with a friend, it’s a great way to socialize and have fun!

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