Team Training at Xperience Fitness – Strong

Team Training, known as T2 around Xperience Fitness, is the premier group fitness training class in Wisconsin and the Twin Cities. T2 is broken up into four specialized classes. Here, we will give a quick overview of Strong, one of the T2 classes that is designed around a hardcore resistance training regimen. Take it from one of our trainers. Below is how they describe Team Training Strong.

Team Training Strong is a resistance training session designed to improve strength and lean muscle. If you’re looking to add some muscle or get a little stronger, this is your spot. The results from this session come from the variety of equipment used including dumbbells, kettlebells, as well as TRX straps, and the proper rep and set ranges that your coach sets to ensure that your muscles are forced to adapt. Knowing the right exercises and amount to do can be hard to figure out, in Team Training Strong we make it easy.

T2 Strong is exactly what its name implies. If cardio isn’t your forte but weight lifting is, Strong is the perfect class for you. As with all T2 classes, Strong is available to Orange Card members only. Fill out the form below to upgrade your membership and then schedule your T2 class!