Team Training at Xperience Fitness – Q HIIT

Team Training, known as T2 around Xperience Fitness, is the premier group fitness training class in Wisconsin and the Twin Cities. T2 is broken up into four specialized classes. Here, we will give a quick overview of Q HIIT, one of the T2 classes that is all about interval training. The original Q HIIT at Xperience Fitness was the predecessor to T2. Take it from one of our trainers. Below is how they describe Team Training Q HIIT.

Want the all-in-one fix for resistance and cardiovascular training while torching more calories in 45 mins than most do in two hours?  Look no further than Team Training Q HIIT.  This session is a combination of both strength and cardio training all done while our expert coaches keep you doing intervals to burn calories for up to 48 hours after your session.  Interval training is the cheat code to burning calories, if you’re ready to accelerate what you burn, then come to Team Training Q HIIT.

As with all T2 classes, Q HIIT is available to Orange Card members only. Fill out the form below to upgrade your membership and then schedule your T2 class!