Team Training at Xperience Fitness – Warrior

Team Training, known as T2 around Xperience Fitness, is the premier group fitness training class in Wisconsin and the Twin Cities. T2 is broken up into four specialized classes. Here, we will give a quick overview of Warrior, one of the T2 classes that is designed around combat training. Take it from one of our trainers. Below is how they describe Team Training Warrior.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a fighter in training, or just want to train like one, our coaches have what you are looking for in Team Training Warrior.  This session is a combination of kickboxing, battle ropes, and plyometrics to take your exercise game to another level.  Through our expert coaching and motivation, you have a great supplement to your current exercise routine and you will be ready to take on all challenges. 

As with all T2 classes, Warrior is available to Orange Card members only. Fill out the form below to upgrade your membership and then schedule your T2 class!