Our 2 Favorite Orange Card Perks

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The Orange Card here at Xperience Fitness is our most popular membership and the one that has the most value! We talk a lot about the Orange Card because we love everything it has to offer. Here, however, we will break down our two favorite perks that Orange Cardmembers get to enjoy!

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Q HIIT Classes

With the Orange Card, you can sign up for unlimited Q HIIT classes (HIIT is short for high-intensity interval training). These classes will push you to your limit. In just 45 minutes, you will burn more calories than you otherwise would in a standard 90-minute workout. Our instructors will lead the way and teach you and others in the class new exercises and techniques. You will rotate from station to station doing different workouts designed to send your heart rate soaring.

Q is the perfect way to push yourself, learn new workouts, and meet new people. And with the Orange Card, you can go to as many Q classes as you’d like.

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Guest Privileges

Orange Cardholders can bring a guest to any Xperience Fitness location for FREE. Sometimes, working out is better with someone you know, right? Any time you come to Xperience, you can bring one guest at no charge to them. Guest privileges cannot be obtained with our Core membership, and can only be included as an add-on for our Fit membership. ALL Orange Card members have guaranteed guest privileges no matter what club they go to.

These are just two of the many perks of the XF Orange Card. Check out more right here.

Membership Upgrades

Membership Upgrades

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