Tips For Meal Prepping

Various meals in prepping containers

Recovery is somewhat of a never-ending process. If you have a consistent workout routine, you’re going to have a consistent recovery practice. That includes life inside and outside of the gym, and one of the best ways you can recover and prepare your body is by planning out your meals. Meal prepping is an easy way to keep your diet in check, so long as you stay the course.

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Consider all food groups

A balanced diet is crucial to maintaining good health and recovering the body. Unless you’re on a strict diet, make sure you include meats, dairy, and grains in addition to fruits and veggies. It can be easy to focus on just a couple of groups when trying to lose weight, but a little bit of everything is important too. For recovery, foods that are high in nitrates and antioxidants like leafy greens and root veggies should especially be remembered. It’s also important to keep your pantry well-stocked. You don’t want to plan out a meal and have no ingredients!

Don’t cheap out on storage containers

If meal prepping is the new norm for you, you may want to invest in some higher quality tubs and bowls. Keep a variety of sizes handy and keep in mind that you will probably be using these containers for freezing and microwaving. Also be sure to find ones that are indeed dishwasher safe. There are tons of containers available online and in stores specifically designed for meal prepping so you don’t have to use some old Tupperware that doesn’t have any separation.

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Make time for yourself

Meal prepping can be time-consuming so to do it effectively, you need to make it a priority. Whether you want to take time on a Sunday night or Monday morning, find a time that works for you to plan everything for the week ahead. Planning out the meals shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes, it’s the actually cooking and preparing that will eat up some time, so don’t go overboard and plan simple, healthy meals that are easy yo make

Get help

Maybe you’re new to the meal prepping scene. It’s always okay to ask for help in any situation in which you find yourself. Seek out advice from friends or family, or if you’re really serious, consult a nutritionist. In fact, our very own personal trainers can help with this too! If you live with a partner or roommate, get their help and plan your meals together!