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Does The Xperience Fitness Orange Card Include Cryotherapy?

With the Xperience Fitness Orange Card, it feels like there’s nothing you can’t do at our clubs… and that’s because... Read More

exterior view of a cryotherapy chamber

How Does a Cryotherapy Chamber Work?

You have probably heard about cryotherapy and you may have even undergone cryotherapy yourself many times, but how does that cryochamber... Read More

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Can Cryotherapy Enhance Athletic Performance?

Since the inception of competitive sports many centuries ago, human beings have been fascinated with competition. And as long as we have... Read More

Various meals in prepping containers

Tips For Meal Prepping

Recovery is somewhat of a never-ending process. If you have a consistent workout routine, you’re going to have a consistent recovery... Read More

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Foods That Help Promote Circulation

Bloodflow is a very important aspect of human health, but it’s one we don’t often think about. Why is circulation important? With poor... Read More

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Can Cryotherapy Help With Injury Recovery?

It’s no secret anymore that cryotherapy is the new and improved way to recover after working out. But can it also aid in injury recovery?... Read More

Benefits of Cryotherapy

When you think of cryotherapy you may imagine entering a large, futuristic-looking chamber with white gases pouring lazily onto the floor,... Read More

cryotherapy full body recovery

5 Full-Body Recovery Services for Serious Gains

If you exercise regularly, you know the importance of a recovery day or two. But even an active recovery day may not be enough to allow... Read More

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How Cryotherapy is Changing the Way You Recover

Cryotherapy is revolutionizing the way you recover from delayed onset muscle soreness. Find out how to use cold to your... Read More

The Difference Between Cold Weather and Cryotherapy

As it gets cooler outside many wonder how cryotherapy is different from the cold winter months in Minnesota. While the cold winter months... Read More

cryotherapy to help mental health

Relieving Depression and Anxiety with Cryotherapy

While medication and exercise are commonly suggested and administered for treating mental health, there is another, more unknown, treatment... Read More

woman gets localized cryotherapy on her knees

3 Benefits of Localized Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy has been around for eons, first being introduced in 2500 BC by the Egyptians and evolving over time. But what does cryotherapy,... Read More

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The Secret to Drug-Free Chronic Pain Management

In September, we recognize chronic pain, but being in pain is much more than a monthly event for those who experience it on a chronic... Read More

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The Truth Behind Antonio Brown’s Cryotherapy Injury

When you think of cryotherapy you may think of a futuristic-looking chamber with white vapor lazily pouring out. However, there are... Read More

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Five Benefits of Whole-Body Cryotherapy

When you think of cryotherapy you may imagine entering a large, futuristic-looking chamber with white gases pouring lazily onto the floor,... Read More


How the Right Recovery Routine Can Enhance Performance

Recovery is an essential piece of any performance-focused workout routine, with the goal of giving your body time to heal and regroup. As... Read More


Cryotherapy for Better Recovery

Most athletes know that getting enough rest after a workout is essential to obtain a higher level of performance, but yet many athletes... Read More


CryoFacial Rejuvenation: 6 Minutes To More Beautiful Skin

CryoFacial rejuvenation uses pressurized air to rapidly lower the skin temperature of your scalp, face, and neck delivering instant and... Read More


Athletes Are Choosing Cryotherapy For Recovery

These days, many high profile athletes such as LeBron James, Tom Brady, Bryce Harper, and Rafael Nadal have all found cryotherapy to be a... Read More


Enhance Your Workout With Cryotherapy

Everyone who has worked out has experienced post-workout soreness. Post-workout soreness simply means your body is working hard to rebuild... Read More

woman standing outside whole-body cryotherapy chamber

Your Comprehensive Guide to Cryotherapy

Your Comprehensive Guide to Cryotherapy When you think of cryotherapy you may imagine entering a large, futuristic-looking chamber with... Read More

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Don’t Enter the Summer Injured

Summer provides ample opportunities to rejuvenate your fitness routine, whether you are hitting the hiking trails, the gym, or the court.... Read More