Does The Xperience Fitness Orange Card Include Cryotherapy?

With the Xperience Fitness Orange Card, it feels like there’s nothing you can’t do at our clubs… and that’s because it’s true! The Orange Card is our most robust membership and offers every amenity available in our gyms. For just $39.99 per month, you get unlimited guest privileges, group fitness classes, Team Training, and more. And at select locations when you sign up for the Orange Card, you can get cryotherapy and recovery services for just an extra $20 per month! This deal is not available to non-Orange Card members, so take advantage of it! Cryotherapy is currently available at our Roseville, Coon Rapids, and Woodbury locations.

Benefits Of Cryotherapy

1. Accelerates Recovery

Does this week’s workout have you feeling sore? Cryotherapy provides blood flow to the areas of your body needing regeneration after your workout. Hop into the cryotherapy chamber for 2-3 minutes and walk out ready to tackle your next workout.

2. Reduces inflammation

Cryotherapy releases anti-inflammatory cytokines which lead to reduced swelling and inflammation.

3.Increases mobility

The benefits of cold therapy help improve range of motion while lessening the pain reception in the affected area.

4. Relaxes muscles

Cryotherapy increases your body’s circulation to relax muscle tension.

5. Relieves stress

By releasing endorphins in your brain, cryotherapy elevates your mood, energy, and stress levels. You may feel like a brand new person coming out of the cryotherapy chamber.

6. Pain Relief

Also having to do with pain reception, cold shock therapy upsets pain reception providing natural relief to the most painful areas of your body.

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