The Difference Between Cold Weather and Cryotherapy

As it gets cooler outside many wonder how cryotherapy is different from the cold winter months in Minnesota. While the cold winter months in Minnesota are cold, the benefits achieved with cryotherapy come at even colder temperatures. Our chambers reach temperatures of -180 degrees Fahrenheit. The goal of whole-body cryotherapy is to generate a hyper circulatory effect using extreme cold to shock the body into creating a favorable circulatory response which helps the body with faster recovery and better health.

What to Expect

Whole-body cryotherapy involves exposure to extremely cold dry air, inside a special chamber. Inside the chamber, temperatures drop to -140 to -180 degrees Fahrenheit. Each session lasts anywhere from two to three minutes and doesn’t require any preparation or post-treatment care. The chamber’s initial “cold shock” puts the hypothalamus into overdrive, the end result is heightened stimulation. The bi-product of this hyperstimulation includes positive impacts on mood and stress, a decrease in pain and inflammation, increased circulation, a boost in the immune system, and better sleep.

The Difference Between the Two Colds

Inside the cryotherapy chamber, you experience much cooler temperatures (between -140 to -180 degrees Fahrenheit) than you would outside during the cold Minnesota winters. This type of cold is dry, unlike the cold wet air you experience outside, making the experience much more bearable. While the winter months in Minnesota are cold, the benefits of cryotherapy come at much cooler temperatures.

Benefits of Using Cryotherapy in the Winter

  1. Whole-body cryotherapy can be a way to fight Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a type of depression caused by the change in seasons. The “cold shock” from the chamber energizes the body, getting your endorphins going leading to increased energy and an uplifted mood.
  2. Boosts your immune system helping to ward off winter colds by providing pain relief and decreasing stress levels. With the body being more at ease, the body’s ability to fight off illnesses increases.

Where Do I Sign-Up?

Xperience Fitness has partnered with US Cryotherapy, the industry leader in whole-body cryotherapy. Visit Xperience Fitness Woodbury, Coon Rapids, or Roseville for more information regarding cryotherapy. Cold is a powerful energy, use it to get your life back today!

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