How Does a Cryotherapy Chamber Work?

exterior view of a cryotherapy chamber

You have probably heard about cryotherapy and you may have even undergone cryotherapy yourself many times, but how does that cryochamber work? When you do full-body cryotherapy, it involves entering a large chamber. Think of it as an ultra-cold walk-in freezer. Only except for cases of beer and frozen meats, it’s just you and your body. How does this work and why does is it helpful?

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How cold does a cryochamber get?

Our cryotherapy chambers can reach temperatures as low as 150°F. Chilly, right? It’s absolutely chilly, but you will only stay in the chamber for a few minutes. This is all the time that’s needed for the cold to impact your blood circulation and recovery. When exposed to this kind of cold for a short period, your body responds positively. It causes blood to flow more easily, reduces inflammation, and lessens pain and soreness felt from your workout. It’s important to remember to listen to the cryotherapy experts during your session because prolonged exposure to these temperatures is extremely dangerous.

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If you haven’t been hipped to it by now, you should know that cryotherapy is the way to go for recovery these days. Gone are the time-consuming, uncomfortable, hard-on-the-skin ice baths. Try it out after your next workout and feel rejuvenated and more well-rested than ever before!