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Get Scanned

Visually track weight loss, body composition, and posture with our Fit3D Body Scanner. Assessments are the foundation for your body transformation. These body assessments are contactless and 3D, so you can see what your body actually looks like and see how your body is changing over time. Track your results, weight loss, composition, and posture with body scans.

Set Goals

If you are ready to make a lifestyle change then it is time to set a goal. We all know what we would like to change, however, change starts when you set a goal for yourself. Sit with our nationally certified personal trainers and determine what your goals are. Our trainers change lives every day so when you sit down with one, you will be amazed at what is possible to reach your goals. Below is what you will talk about in your goal setting session:

Clarity on Target

First you will set your goal. Whether it is losing weight, putting on muscle, or improving in a certain area, you will get a crystal-clear idea on exactly what you are going to accomplish.

Motivation to Push Through

Once your goal is set, you will talk about what your motivation is to reach your goal. This is important because this will be what keeps you coming back for more. Our trainers know the right questions to ask to find the real reasons for why you want to hit your goal.

Build a Program

Once your goal is set and we know what your motivation is, it is time to build a program that is going to get you there. Below is what our fitness professionals will show you:

Top Tips and Tricks Used by Trainers

We want to make sure your program is set up for success. Our trainers will show you how they build their clients workout plans and their own workouts. When you work out without a plan, it leads to a lot of effort and very little results.

Keeping Your Program on Track

Once your program is made and you know what you need to do, the only thing left is to follow it. Our trainers will make sure you understand the key factors in following your program and make sure you are ready to start on your journey today.

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