Best Workouts For Weight Loss

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Anyone who has tried to meet a weight loss goal will tell you it doesn’t come easily. Losing unwanted weight requires dedication, time, and hard work. If you know some tricks, however, you might be able to achieve those goals more quickly. Here, we will list a handful of workouts that are designed to lose weight.

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What Workouts Will Help Me Lose Weight?


By “bodyweight”, we mean workouts that don’t necessarily involve dumbbells or other equipment. These exercises include burpees, jumping jacks, squat jumps, and butt kicks. These workouts are great for cardiovascular health and provide plenty of resistance to be effective for strength training. When done with full effort, bodyweight workouts will also get your heart rate way up and burn plenty of calories.


Whether in one of our spin classes or on your own bike outside, cycling is one of the best cardio workouts for those who don’t like running. Any kind of cardio will be beneficial for your heart and help you lose weight, but cycling does this in a fun way. Running can become mundane and boring for some, so why not get the same benefits while on a bike? Heck, if it’s an option for you, you should consider biking on your daily commute because a 2017 study showed that biking to work is just as effective as working out in your free time.

High-Intensity Interval Training

HIIT for short, this method of exercise is perfect for anyone who wants to get the most out of their workout in the least amount of time. At Xperience, we offer Q classes. These classes last for 45 minutes and involve four different stations of varying workouts from cardio to dumbbells to resistance training to bodyweight exercises. In just one class, you can burn more than 1,000 calories and continue to burn calories after due to your heightened metabolism. Consistently going to Q will go a long way towards losing weight!


We talked about cycling, but that was for those who don’t like running. If you’re not afraid of some long-term jogs, get out for a 30-45 minute run every day and you’ll see improved cardio health over time. If you’re already an avid runner or jogger, consider adding short sprints to your usual route. This will boost your calorie burn and help you lose weight more quickly. We recommend going in five-minute, 30-second intervals, meaning you should jog for five minutes then sprint for 30 seconds. You may need a rest, so take no shame in walking for 30 seconds after each sprint!


Swimming is arguably the best low-impact workout you can do. Swimming laps works almost every muscle in your body and it offers a less harsh form of cardio exercise. Swimming is a full-body workout and has a very low risk of injury compared to other exercises. You can even do HIIT workouts in the pool to really maximize your time in the water.


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