MyZone Belt – The Yellow Zone

This isn’t a spinoff of a certain famous 1960s anthology sci-fi TV show. No, the yellow zone references the area indicated by your MyZone belt in which your maximal heart rate is at 80-89%. Your MyZone activity monitor is in charge of keeping track of your fitness levels. The yellow and red zones signify intense and rigorous workouts that get your heart rate close to its maximum output. Below, we’ll give a quick overview of the yellow zone in particular, and why it’s a good zone to live in during your workout.

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What is the Yellow Zone?

The yellow zone is a place your MyZone monitor will be when you ramp up the intensity of your workout. When you work your way into this level, you know you are putting in a strong effort and getting that heart rate up. In the most basic sense, you can tell yourself “yellow equals progress.” Your heart rate will naturally elevate whenever you start to exercise, but it’s best to keep that rate up as you continue your workout. Your MyZone belt will track this for you and if you stay in the yellow for most of your workout, you know you’ve worked hard!

How to get Into the Yellow Zone

Typically, cardio exercise is the fastest way to jump your heart rate. Just five minutes of jogging will likely be enough to get your heart beating fast enough to get into the yellow, but resistance training is also a great option. When it comes to resistance workouts, you will need to keep the activity going consistently to keep your heart rate up. Take short breaks between sets, no more than 15 or 20 seconds before continuing with your exercise. Each set should last at least 30 seconds but going for one whole minute is ideal!

Why Does This Matter?

Keeping your heart rate higher than normal while exercising is key to promoting cardiovascular health. Cardio training has long-lasting positive impacts on your heart’s health and can help prevent strokes, heart disease, and obesity. Any time you start a workout, start it and finish it with purpose. Get in, work hard, get out. Simple!