MyZone Belt – The Red Zone

myzone belt and orange towel on treadmill

The MyZone fitness tracker belt is a great tool for measuring your fitness success. There are several different zones in which users will be when they are wearing the belt while working out. We previously discussed the yellow zone, and now we are going to talk about the red zone.

What is the Red Zone?

When you enter the red zone, your belt is indicating to you that you have reached 90-100% of your estimated maximal heart rate (MHR). Being in the red zone likely means you have worked as hard as you possibly can and are achieving your personal best. Elevating your heart rate to this level is indicative of hard work, but it likely won’t stay this high for more than a few minutes. If you maintain 100% of your estimated MHR for longer than 40 seconds, your estimated MHR will be adjusted.

How to get into the Red Zone

The red zone is reserved only for the most strenuous exercises. This includes high-intensity interval training, sprints, cycling, and circuit training. If you find that getting to the red zone is difficult, you aren’t alone. But when you do, you will reap the rewards. Getting near your max heart rate is great for your overall cardiovascular health. It’s important not to go too far past your limit, though. Listen to your body and take a rest when it tells you to.

Why does this matter?

It’s always important to monitor your heart rate, especially when working out. By seeing yourself hit your max (or exceed it), you will feel all the more motivated to keep coming back to crush it. Elevating your heart rate is essential for a good cardiovascular workout and can lead to improved heart health and have a great long-lasting impact on your heart.

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