How to Workout While Gardening

person kneeling and gardening

Tending a garden is a great, wholesome, and rewarding hobby to have. It can also be a source of exercise if you do things right! No, you’re not going to get shredded or lose 30 pounds simply by gardening, but there are little things you can do that will certainly be beneficial to your health. Check out a few simple tips below to learn more about exercising while gardening.

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How can you exercise while gardening?


It may not seem like much, but getting on your hands and knees or crouching is a natural way to stretch your muscles out. Maintaining flexibility is key to avoiding injuries like strains, pulls, or tears. This is especially important for anyone over the age of 40. If you can find ways to keep your body loose and stretched out, you might be able to avoid more pain and soreness in the long term.


Gardening is rarely strenuous, but even fairly mundane activities like pulling weeds, digging, or raking can be enough to get your heart rate up. Combining this kind of exercise with an otherwise healthy lifestyle will only add to your overall health! If you’re nursing an injury and are unable to continue your normal workout routine, gardening might be just enough to keep you on track until you’re ready to get back into the gym.

Mental Clarity

While this doesn’t count as physical exercise, it certainly counts as something beneficial to your health. Gardening is a calming activity and can be a tremendous stress reliever. It has also been shown to relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression. Gardening acts as a great escape for some people, and it just might for you too!