How to stay active while camping

two men hiking

Camping is a hallowed American tradition every summer. There’s nothing like packing up the family for a weekend with nature, good food, and lots of laughs. If you’re worried about staying active during your camping trip, don’t fret! We have a few tips for how to stay active while camping. Heck, what we suggest might just be part of your plans anyway!

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Ways you can stay active while camping


Every good campsite has a lake nearby, right? Hop in the water and splash around a while. Even if you aren’t swimming laps with physical exercise in mind, just playing in the water is enough to elevate your heart rate and get all parts of your body moving. Swimming is an awesome and fun exercise for everyone!


Depending on the trail, hiking can sometimes be more strenuous than it seems on the surface. A good hike uses all of your body’s muscles and can be a great cardio workout at the same time. All it takes is an hour or so out on a trail and appreciating nature to simultaneously give yourself a healthy workout.

Rec Sports

How about throwing around a football or kicking a soccer ball? Whether you’re with family or decide to start a pickup game with other campers, recreational sports are perhaps the most fun way to get exercise. Pack a basketball just in case your camping ground has a few hoops!


Maybe you’re not wanting to do anything that works up a sweat. That’s understandable. It’s your weekend away after all. But if you still would like to get some kind of physical activity, a walk around the grounds with your camera will do the trick. Snap some shots of the more picturesque spots nearby and you will fall in love with nature while also keeping your body loose.