How to Choose the Right Membership for You

Any time you join a new gym (or any kind of club) it can be overwhelming. You’re given different options and packages and you might not know what is the best choice for you. Here, we just want to break down the different membership options with Xperience Fitness. For details on pricing, contact your nearest club and they will get you all the information you need! For now, check out below what each membership package includes.

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Xperience Fitness Core Membership

The Core membership is our most basic package. This grants you access to your closest XF club and to all of the essential amenities like cardio equipment, weights, locker room, and the pool. Core is perfect for anyone who wants a great place to get their workout in but who doesn’t need to take advantage of more advanced benefits. This membership will get you in the door and give you access to everything you need to get your workout in, it just won’t include things like classes or tanning.

Xperience Fitness Fit Membership

With the Fit membership, you will get everything included in Core plus the ability to sign up for fitness classes, spin classes, and have access to tanning. This is great for people who want to get a little bit more and see what else Xperience has to offer. Additionally, Fit allows you to add on guest privileges. For more details on this, contact your nearest club.

Xperience Fitness Orange Card

The Orange Card is our most popular membership because it includes full access to everything we have to offer. With the Orange Card, you will unlock access to unlimited Q HIIT classes, have guest privileges, receive unlimited FIT 3D body scans, get 15% off NRG supplements, and have the ability to use a MyZone fitness belt.

We can’t make this decision for you. We can only give you the information! If you’re looking for a great place to workout but don’t need the extra classes or pizazz, the Core membership would be great for you. If you’re interested in tanning or group exercise, Fit would be worth checking out. If you want to experience everything available to our members, the Orange Card is the way to go!

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