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Cabin Fever Biathlon

Have you ever seen that crazy event in the Winter Olympics where the competitors are skiing and then they drop their poles and pick up a rifle for target shooting? This is called the biathlon and it is what we are going to be doing for our XF At Home Workout this weekend. Well, not the skiing and rifle shooting part, but the biathlon.  

With everyone cooped up because of winter and COVID-19, we created the Cabin Fever Biathlon to get you up and out of the house. While we don’t have a podium and we can’t give you a cheering section, you can get a great workout and some fresh air. Just as good, right?  

Ready to get started? It just takes 3 simple steps.   

Step 1: Pick Your Start Time 

The event starts at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, March 20th and ends at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, March 21st.  

Step 2: Pick Your Course And Your Level

There are two courses to choose from. One that is walking/running and biking, and because there are some that do not have a bike, the other is walking/running and sit-ups/push-ups. If you pick the first course and use a bike it can be stationary, but at least put it in the driveway so your neighbors think you’re crazy. Social distancing was just made easier. 

Course 1 

Bronze Medal: Walk/Run 5 Miles and Ride 10 Miles

Silver Medal: Walk/Run 7 Miles and Ride 15 Miles  

Gold Medal: Walk/Run 10 Miles and Ride 20 Miles 

Course 2

Bronze Medal: Walk/Run 5 Miles, 250 Sit-Ups, 250 Push-Ups 

Silver Medal: Walk/Run 7 Miles, 500 Sit-Ups, 500 Push-Ups   

Gold Medal: Walk/Run 10 Miles, 750 Sit-Ups, 750 Push-Ups 

Step 3: Crush It And Brag 

Get out there and get started. Once you finish your course, post your pictures and let us hear about it at #XFHomeWorkouts.