What are the Benefits of a Micro Workout?

You may be wondering what a micro workout even is. Essentially, a micro workout is a very short and low-intensity exercise meant to maximize your time doing fitness throughout the day. An example would be doing push-ups at commercial breaks during a baseball game you’re watching. Another would be doing simple calf raises while you wait for your lunch to heat up at work. Something like that may not even be that noticeable to others, but if you add micro workouts into your daily routine, you might just reap the rewards. What are the benefits of a micro workout? Keep reading to find out.

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3 Benefits of Micro Workouts


As its name implies, a micro workout takes very little time out of your day. If you don’t have time to get to the gym for your normal, full routine, a micro workout for 5 or 10 minutes during the day will at least get you some activity. However, don’t let it replace your regimen entirely. It can be a great tool to use, but micro workouts alone likely won’t get you to your goals.

Little Recovery Time

You shouldn’t need to worry about long-lasting soreness after a micro workout. You may be fully recovered in under 24 hours which minimizes the chances of injury and lets you continue working the same body part if you want to. Recovery can often be a challenge with more intense workouts, but micro workouts don’t come with that obstacle.


We don’t mean physical flexibility, we mean the ability to exercise whenever, wherever, or however. Need to get a little cardio in? Do some jumping jacks in the living room. Miss out on leg day? Do some quick pulse squats to keep your legs fresh. Again, a micro workout shouldn’t be your entire exercise plan, but it’s a great way to add just a little more to your day.

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