MyZone Belt – The Green Zone

When you wear your MyZone belt during an intense workout, you will likely shift between the yellow and red zones most often. The green zone, however, is where you find yourself during moderate aerobic exercises.

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The green zone indicates that you are at 70-79% of your maximal heart rate. If you find yourself in the green zone during a HIIT workout, you know you are probably going a little too easy. If you’re in the green zone during warm-ups and cool-downs, you’re doing things just right! If you go for a steady walk, you will also probably be in the green zone.

Other exercises suited for the green zone include lightly jogging, casual bike riding, yoga, and the recovery portion at the end of a HIIT workout.

Why does this matter?

Training in the green zone is a good way to build your aerobic base. This is how your body takes in and utilizes oxygen. Green zone training and light exercises increase your vascularity and mitochondrial density. These changes allow you to have better oxygen circulation which promotes muscle health and greater energy.

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