Must-Have Equipment for Your Home Gym

man doing sit up in living room next to dumbbell

Having a home gym is a luxury many wish they could experience. Even the most basic home gym provides a convenient way to further your fitness journey. Maybe you’re thinking about putting together your own home gym as we head into the fall season and winter seasons. Here, we will go over some of the most basic home gym equipment you’ll need to maximize your workout!

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What Equipment Should I Have For My Home Gym?


Let’s start with the most basic of the basics. A set of dumbbells is essential if you want to do any sort of weight training at all. The number of exercises you can do with dumbbells is seemingly uncountable. If you can get your hands on a set of dumbbells that range in weight from 5 to 30 pounds, you’ll unlock a whole world of home fitness.

Treadmill or Bike

Can’t forget cardio, right? While cardio equipment is often expensive, it will be a vital piece of your home gym. Basic treadmills or bikes can be found for somewhere around $300, but shop around to see what deals you can find and determine what will fit your needs. A spin bike is a great option for those who aren’t big runners and a recumbent exercise bike is a popular variant.

Barbell, Bench, and Weight Plates

Your home gym won’t be complete without a barbell set. Barbells, like other free weights, have the advantage over machines because they bring stabilization and coordination to your workout efforts. A bench is important, not only for bench pressing but for dumbbell workouts as well. And don’t forget the weight plates unless you just want to max out with the bar!

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Music System

No, this isn’t a piece of fitness equipment per se, but what workout would be complete without headphones or speakers? Get yourself a nice stereo set or some headphones/earbuds. Music has been proven to enhance your workout because you will naturally move to the beat you’re listening to.

Medicine Ball

A medicine ball is an easy-to-use, easy-to-acquire piece of equipment that will be needed for core workouts. You can also use the medicine ball for throwing and catching exercises, so don’t get one that’s too heavy!

These are just a few of the important aspects that should be part of your home gym. Make sure to keep up with our blog for more information on the fitness lifestyle!

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