How Protein Aids Weight Loss

spread of meats and protein packed foods

You may have heard that protein is an essential nutrient for losing weight. We’re here to confirm that. Yes, you will have a much harder time losing weight if you don’t get enough protein in your body. In fact, some say it’s the most important nutrient for weight loss. Why is that? A diet with high levels of protein boosts your metabolism, reduces your appetite, and affects weight-changing hormones in the body.

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Carbs and fats, meanwhile, are the biggest contributors to weight gain. By replacing those with protein and other essential nutrients, that alone will go a long way towards shedding some pounds. Fats also have a tendency of making you hungrier, whereas protein is meant to keep you feeling full, therefore reducing your food intake. What’s more is that when your body digests and metabolizes protein, it is burning more calories. About 20-30% of protein calories are burned while the body is digesting and metabolizing the protein. Additionally, a high protein intake can make you burn 80-100 more calories per day, with one study showing an increase of 260 calories during overfeeding.

Eating plenty of protein can also help prevent muscle loss when you lose weight. It can also help keep your metabolic rate high, especially when combined with heavy strength training. Protein is essential for weight loss, but it’s also a vital part of muscle growth.

High-Protein Breakfasts

Omelet with avocado, side of yogurt: 24g

Egg muffins (eggs with ham and diced peppers made in muffin tins) with two slices of whole-grain toast: 22g

6oz container of Greek yogurt with fruit and nuts: 18g

High-Protein Lunches

Leafy green salad with grilled chicken: 24g

Protein and nut butter smoothie: 27g

Turkey wrap with veggies: 25g

High-Protein Dinners

Salmon with Brussels sprouts: 25g

Bean bowl (mixture of red beans with mixed greens and veggies): 22.5g

Grilled chicken and greens: 25g


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