Everyone has different goals and different paths. For Ready Htoo, the goal was to lose some unwanted weight that was gained during the shutdown in 2020. By participating in the Xperience Fitness Weight Loss Challenge, Ready lost 27 lbs. and returned to the form he wanted to have! Currently, Ready’s goal doesn’t involve weight as much as it does body fat percentage. “Instead of weight, I want to lose body fat. My goal is to get to 10-12 percent body fat,” he told us.

With his success in the Weight Loss Challenge, Ready has credited much of his progress to Xperience Fitness, saying “Working out at Xperience helped me a lot because I was in an environment where we all shared the same goal. Where everyone is there for a reason trying to be better or the best version of themselves. I made lots of gym buddies who give me good advice [on] workout techniques and form as well as dieting.” Having a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere is crucial for fitness success, and we strive to provide that for all of our members.

Ready told us he has had people comment on his cut physique, which only adds more motivation and serves as some extra satisfaction from the work he has put in. He also said, “I feel stronger and healthier and better about myself.”

As for others working on their own goals, Ready’s advice to them is, “Keep it up even if you fall sometimes just get back up. Fall seven times and get up eight times. For me, working out is a form of self-love. Take care of yourself so that you can be there for the people you love in the long run.”

We love stories like this, and we wish Ready nothing but the best as he continues to hit new goals!

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