Over the last year and a half, Kim Hinson has spent more and more time working on herself. In doing so, she has lost 75 lbs. since the summer of 2020! It started with some habitual changes in the early months of the pandemic. “I had to quit my job and enrolled to go back to school and along with that (I) change(d) my health habits, so I started with running,” she said.

Changes don’t always come fast or steadily, and Kim felt the frustration with a weight loss plateau, something faced by so many people who are trying to cut weight. She decided to put her focus on muscle growth rather than solely on weight loss, a great strategy for anyone to try since muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue.

Everyone seems to have that one shining moment when they realize their hard work has actually meant something. For Kim, well, we will just let her say it. “The moment I felt that my work was truly paying off was when I was finally able to do a pull-up for the first time in my life,” she told us. Little accomplishments like this are really anything but small and can be a gigantic confidence boost and a catalyst to keep going.

Kim told us both her physical and mental health have been improved since beginning her fitness journey and that she continues to work with her personal trainer at Xperience Fitness. We love this, Kim, and we can’t wait to see what else you do!