jayme gast smiling at camera after weight loss

Jayme’s #UNSTOPPABLE Journey

Last September, after ending a relationship and the tragic loss of her aunt, Jayme Gast concluded it was time to change her lifestyle. She began by changing her eating habits in September 2018 and then began exercising in November. Since revamping her lifestyle, Gast has lost 68 pounds. 

Gast’s breakup originally spurred her decision to change her eating habits, but her aunt’s death, which was caused by health issues, some of which were caused by being overweight, a few weeks later, cinched the decision. 

For two months Gast was focused on her eating habits but had not begun to exercise. In November 2018, Gast’s friend invited her to try a Q session with her. From there, she immediately signed up for Xperience Fitness and Q, Xperience’s HIIT-inspired sessions

A month after joining Xperience and attending Q sessions, Gast started to see and feel the changes that come with a healthier lifestyle.

jayme gast smiling before weight loss
Gast began her weight loss journey in September 2018. Then, she weighed 265 pounds and was unhappy with the way she felt.

“I was starting to keep up better in class and I could see the physical changes my body was making,” Gast recalled. “I remember one of the Q coaches stopping me at the end of class and asking about my progress since he could see a big difference in my size just after that first month. Having coaches that were so invested in my progress really helped to keep my motivation going.”

Having that Q family of coaches and members helped keep Gast motivated. When she first joined Xperience she realized she does not do well working out on her own and did not know the proper form of many exercises. 

“Taking Q was so helpful for me,” Gast expressed. “It really helped me know what I should be doing at the gym. I honestly didn’t know how to use most of the equipment when I started and the coaches have been extremely helpful. They have also been very good about helping me with my form and making sure I’m doing things properly and won’t injure myself.”

When Gast first started Q, she went to two sessions a week, now she is up to five. 

Frustrated, but never giving up

As with every exercise and nutrition journey, there will be points of frustration, but for Gast none of these frustrations ever made her consider quitting. Gast weighs herself every week and there were times throughout her journey thus far that she did not lose as much as she anticipated, or even saw the scale rise. 

“I just had to keep reminding myself that I wasn’t going to have a loss every week,” Gast said. 

Through learning tracking her weight was going to be a little frustrating, Gast learned to celebrate the small things. 

“Even if I only lost .2 pounds for the week, I would always try and celebrate it and remind myself that a loss is still a loss, even if it’s small,” Gast revealed. 

Now, it is not just the scale that keeps Gast motivated, it is how she is feeling. 

“I notice I feel better on my gym days so it keeps me motivated to want to get up and go to class,” Gast said.

Feeling better than ever

Now, Gast has lost 68 pounds and loves the way she feels, mentally and physically.

Before Gast began exercising, walking up a flight of stairs would wind her. Now she actually enjoys physical activity.

But, most importantly, Gast’s mental health has been transformed. 

“I have anxiety and depression issues and have had them most of my life,” Gast said. “Since I started working out my mood has increased significantly and I just feel so much better every day.”

To keep her mental health in check, continue having increased energy, and to keep smashing her goals, Gast is going to continue with Q sessions five days a week. 

“For me, it’s been a lifestyle change that I plan on sticking with,” Gast expressed. “I’ve still been consistently losing weight and am very close to hitting my goal of reaching 190 pounds. When I hit that goal I plan on starting a new goal to work towards.”

Final advice

“I think the best advice is to just keep going,” Gast said. “Even if you have a bad day or week, I always remind myself that tomorrow is a new day.” 

For those just starting their physical activity journey, Gast recommends finding an activity you enjoy doing and sticking with it. 

“Sometimes just starting is the hardest part, but once you do it’s definitely worth it,” Gast concluded.