With custom music playlists, access to exclusive workout rooms and a “fitness nightclub” atmosphere, Q gives you something other fitness programs don’t – a brand new kind of workout experience. You’ll be challenged to push yourself harder than ever before all while having fun! That’s not a bad way to reach your fitness goals.


Do you burn 1 calorie every 2 seconds? Q does! These HIIT inspired group sessions torch up to 1,500 calories in just one hour using the Q Effect. A variety of session formats guarantees total body training with a balanced mix of cardio and resistance components.

Q Base

Even combination of cardio and resistance training

Q Combat

Cardio kickboxing inspired Q Session w/ weights and plyometrics

Q Power

Resistance training focused w/ intervals to build strength and power

Q Boost

The most complete Q Session dedicated to strengthening  your core!


Intense crossfit inspired session designed to bring out the best of competition.


Components of Q.

Save Time

No more spending hours on the cardio machines. Q is the most efficient and effective way to workout: get in, get it done, get out, get results. No more guessing if the time you are putting in is getting you where you want to be.

Burn Calories

You will burn 1 calorie every 2 seconds and continue to burn for up to 36 hours after your workout thanks to the Q Effect! These group sessions torch up to 1,500 calories in just one hour.

Have Fun

Q is the most fun you will have working out – period. These fast-paced workout sessions have a variety of formats with a balanced mix of cardio and resistance components. With custom music playlists and upbeat Coaches, it is a fitness nightclub you have to experience.

Join the Community

Surround yourself with a community of people committed to their goals. Q members are connected by the shared goal of challenging themselves and by innovative MyZone technology to keep each other accountable both inside and outside of the gym.

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The Q Effect

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Burn Up To 1500 Calories In 45 Minutes

Burn Up To 1500 Calories In 45 Minutes


In a move most of us understand, Nathan Audeh stepped on the scale in October of 2018 and saw a number he was not satisfied with. As well as wanting to lose weight, Nathan had goals to bulk up. Since beginning his fitness journey, Nathan has lost 22 pounds, dropped six inches from his waist, and increased his bench press from two reps at 135 pounds to three reps at 245 pounds.

On February 23, 2018, Montana’s life changed for the better. Montana had been struggling with her weight since high school and at her heaviest, weighed 212 pounds. After attending a presentation at her work on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, Montana decided that night she would reclaim her health and start the journey towards a new lifestyle.

As Monica Luttman approached 50, she was not happy with the way she looked or the way she felt. Luttman could see her body becoming more “middle-aged” and less toned, on top of experiencing severe shoulder and knee pain, and vowed to make some lifestyle changes.

“Using the Xperience gym has allowed me to fine tune my workouts based on my goals, Xperience allowed me to incorporate heavy compound lifts as well as weight training machines into my workouts while providing a great environment that held me accountable.”

“I was losing very little weight, It was very frustrating. I kept moving forward because I knew something would work. I was eating right and exercising. I knew that if I gave up I would go back to my old way of not being in control of my weight.”

Scott found himself on a path that he didn’t want to be down. He was overweight, unhappy, and had no energy. Scott started gradually gaining weight when he was about 18 years old from medications.

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1. Group HIIT training sessions
2. Calorie sizzling workouts combining weights and cardio to burn up to 1,500 calories
3. Advanced technology for heart rate and calorie monitoring

At Xperience Fitness, $3/day per month gives you valuable resources that will help you develop and maintain a healthier lifestyle.
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