With custom music playlists, access to exclusive workout rooms and a “fitness nightclub” atmosphere, Q gives you something other fitness programs don’t – a brand new kind of workout experience. You’ll be challenged to push yourself harder than ever before all while having fun! That’s not a bad way to reach your fitness goals.


Do you burn 1 calorie every 2 seconds? Q does! These HIIT inspired group sessions torch up to 1,500 calories in just one hour using the Q Effect. A variety of session formats guarantees total body training with a balanced mix of cardio and resistance components.

Q Base

Even combination of cardio and resistance training

Q Combat

Cardio kickboxing inspired Q Session w/ weights and plyometrics

Q Power

Resistance training focused w/ intervals to build strength and power

Q Boost

The most complete Q Session dedicated to strengthening  your core!


Intense crossfit inspired session designed to bring out the best of competition.


Components of Q.

Save Time

No more spending hours on the cardio machines. Q is the most efficient and effective way to workout: get in, get it done, get out, get results. No more guessing if the time you are putting in is getting you where you want to be.

Burn Calories

You will burn 1 calorie every 2 seconds and continue to burn for up to 36 hours after your workout thanks to the Q Effect! These group sessions torch up to 1,500 calories in just one hour.

Have Fun

Q is the most fun you will have working out – period. These fast-paced workout sessions have a variety of formats with a balanced mix of cardio and resistance components. With custom music playlists and upbeat Coaches, it is a fitness nightclub you have to experience.

Join the Community

Surround yourself with a community of people committed to their goals. Q members are connected by the shared goal of challenging themselves and by innovative MyZone technology to keep each other accountable both inside and outside of the gym.

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The Q Effect

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Miguel Acosta began his weight loss journey when he was just 16 living in New York City. He had always loved bodybuilding but felt too insecure to commit to it. Now, Acosta is 25, living in Wisconsin and just under three months out from his first National Physique Committee (NPC) show. In just 12 weeks, Acosta went from 206 pounds to 185 pounds and eight percent body fat.

While Maddie Carlos had always been active, opening a bakery four years ago and various life situations shifted her focus away from exercise towards food. Carlos was stuck in this rut for a few years, but she pulled out of it when she realized she no longer wanted to not feel confident in her clothes. Now, 10 months later, Carlos is down 32 pounds.

Last September, after ending a relationship and the tragic loss of her aunt, Jayme Gast concluded it was time to change her lifestyle. She began by changing her eating habits in September 2018 and then began exercising in November. Since revamping her lifestyle, Gast has lost 68 pounds.

After going to his yearly physical in February, Matt Mogden decided it was time to change his habits and, in turn, his life. Mogden returned to the gym after a hiatus in mid-March and tried getting back into his normal gym routine, but found himself getting increasingly bored with the monotonous regimen. It was when Camren Crouse, the Q lead at Xperience Fitness Racine at the time, introduced Mogden to the Q Experience that he began enjoying exercise and his weight loss took off. Now, 4 months later, Mogden is down 30 pounds.

Alexis Rose was beginning to feel unfamiliar to herself, like a stranger in her own body, when she noticed she was beginning to buy clothes three sizes larger than she was used to. This unfamiliarity triggered Rose to sign up for Xperience Fitness in early 2018. But bad habits are hard to break, and Rose was stuck in an endless cycle of starting to exercise before abruptly stopping. It was when she committed to the Q Experience that Rose finally started dropping weight, losing 27 pounds in just over six months.

Like most, Amanda Hanson has always felt like she was on a “weight loss journey.” She had convinced herself that she was eating healthy enough and working out with intent at the gym, but the results were not consistent or equal to the work she thought she was putting in. When she joined an 8-week transformation challenge in July 2018, Hanson was finally learning how to properly eat right and exercise, and it made all of the difference. In just 11 months, Hanson has lost 18 pounds and is down 11 percent body fat.

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3. Advanced technology for heart rate and calorie monitoring

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