Over the last half-year or so, Noelle Papilla has lost 20 pounds! It was in December of 2020 when Noelle began her weight loss journey with her personal trainer, Kate Naujock, at Xperience Fitness in Brookfield.

Before joining Xperience, Noelle struggled to find a gym that was right for her. “I had worked out at many different gyms and tried numerous boutique fitness classes, but nothing ever stuck,” she said. Since joining Xperience, Noelle has lost (and kept off) 20 pounds as well as four percent body fat.

It hasn’t always been easy, though. Losing weight is difficult to do and keeping it off can be even harder. Maintaining consistent progress was one of Noelle’s biggest challenges. “I had lost a good amount of weight quickly early on and then progress started to slow down,” she told us. “This was a bit discouraging because the numbers on the scale weren’t changing for a while, but Kate reminded me [of] how strong I was getting and the progress I’d been making with my lifts.”

Noelle has credited her trainer and the whole training staff for helping her achieve what she has. “The community that each of the trainers at Brookfield create has definitely been encouraging,” she said. “The trainers make it really easy to feel welcomed and included.”

For most people, improved physical health comes with improved mental health, and Noelle is no exception. “I work in healthcare and have better energy and am in a better mood overall even on the longest days, and I can also fall asleep easier at night… my attitude toward my health and toward fitness has changed, as it wasn’t much of a priority before,” she remarked.

As to others who are starting their own fitness journey, Noelle advised, “Keep putting in the work. It’s hard and takes some dedication, but you only get one body and you should take care of it.”

Great job, Noelle! We can’t wait to see what else you can accomplish!