If you ask any number of people about their fitness or weight loss journey, you are bound to get the same number of stories. Each person has a unique record of what they have accomplished and what they are still striving to achieve. For Elie Yazigi, the story began in July of 2020. Since that time, Elie has lost more than 50 pounds. Back then, Elie weighed in at just over 200 pounds and today he is maintaining a weight of just under 150.

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“There was a moment in the middle of the pandemic I decided to get fit and [made] a great decision [to] change myself,” Elie told us. The pandemic affected all of us and many of us either lost motivation or resources to continue working out. For Elie, though, he took advantage and decided to better his health!

Progress doesn’t happen overnight, though. And Elie learned how important patience is when working towards goals. “I was frustrated because I did not see progress as fast as I thought, then I learned that patience is a big game in the fitness world,” he said. “I also wanted to quit because I thought me being overweight [would] be a huge difficulty. What motivated me to go on was my own will and the positive energy around me.” Elie also credited Xperience, saying, “Xperience Fitness helped with their advice and helped motivate me into getting better in shape.”

Before on the left, after on the right

“I feel very much healthier… more active and more athletic… I’m happier and I can lift more weights,” Elie continued. This is why we love helping people achieve their goals! Smashing through barriers is great for your physical health, but it also has an immense impact on your emotional well-being.

Elie even went as far as starting his own fitness Instagram account, which you can find under the username ey_healthyfit.

As for advice to others, Elie said, “If you [make] a decision, please take it and go along with it. I know it is going to be a very hard journey and the will to being consistent with it might decrease over time but please find out why you did start and hold on to that. Never question why you started.” We all have reasons to begin our journey. Make sure you know what yours is and always keep it front of mind!

We loved hearing from Elie and we wish him luck as he continues on in his fitness adventure!

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