No two fitness stories are alike. For Chris Straumfjord, his weight loss journey began when he was dealing with obesity in 2002. As a high schooler, the pressures of fitting in are stronger than in most other walks of life. As an overweight teenager, Chris motivated himself to get a job at the Appleton YMCA where he sought out training from military veterans at the club. This training resulted in a dramatic transformation in which Chris lost more than 140 pounds.

Then, in 2004, Chris joined the U.S. Navy himself and became a fitness coach up until his deployment to Iraq. “My continued service did not stop as I assisted in recruiting/training efforts of future military members,” he said. “Along with continued service to the military, I returned to the YMCA and became a fitness center employee, lifeguard, and maintenance staff member.”

In more recent years, Chris has worked with a local fire department as an EMT while maintaining a career as a fitness coordinator. He even entered a bodybuilding competition and placed 10th!

Chris has had setbacks, too, though, as many people do. “The VA… tossed me on pharma (prescription) drugs,” he said. “This caused me to regain unwanted weight… 245 pounds from 180 pounds.” However, during this time, Chris didn’t lose his competitive spirit and participated in his first triathlon and finished in second place. Since then, Chris has become a certified ISSA (International Sports and Sciences Association) personal trainer and is currently working on nutrition and group exercises certifications.

Chris credits his devotion, vegan diet, and Q training classes taken at Xperience Fitness for his success during his journey. “During the quarantine, Body by Brandon Wolf (on Xperience Fitness Anywhere) came out and my motivation started back in the right direction…” As for advice to others starting or working through their own fitness adventures, “Common sense nutrition goes far,” he said. “The more natural your food is… the better your results. Xperience has a foundation for like-minded people here to assist in achieving the goals of everyone.”

We love stories like this and we wish Chris nothing but the best as he continues to navigate through his journey!