Weight loss success stories never get old. We love to see our customers break barriers and achieve their goals, especially when they maximize their resources at Xperience Fitness. For Aman Bhatoya, much of his success is thanks to Xperience’s Q classes.

Aman has lost an impressive 44 pounds since beginning his weight loss journey. “I [had] been steadily gaining weight over the years and realized I got overly fat,” Aman said. “As I was holding with my weight in place I was told about [Q classes].” Q is a high-intensity interval training class that burns calories at an extraordinary rate. Participants move from station to station doing a variety of intense exercises that work all parts of the body.

“Q has helped me immensely, teaching me new workouts and how to hit hard,” Aman told us. This highlights another benefit of Q. These classes expose you to new exercises and teach you different ways to workout. Who doesn’t want a little variety in their regimen?

Aman also adopted a tuna-heavy diet to aid his weight loss and still get the protein he needed. Daily exercise is great, but without a healthy diet, your goals will be much harder to achieve.

“Q is a great place to learn while being in a good environment,” Aman said. “I look forward to continuing my life of savagery.”

So do we, Aman! We love the progress you have made and we can’t wait to see what else you accomplish!