Down 110 lbs. and from a size 18 to a size 8, Courtney has been through it all. In June of 2020, started her weight loss journey and is now living a healthier, more comfortable life. “I realized I needed to change when I started hating how I looked in every photo taken, didn’t like how any clothes looked on me, felt extremely unhappy most of the time, and taking my dog for a short walk was exhausting,” she told us. “But, my big turning point was when one day I stepped on the scale and realized how much weight I had gained over the past year or so.” Moments like these come to many of us, and so often they serve as the ultimate catalyst.

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It hasn’t always been easy, of course, Losing 100+ pounds is an incredible feat that doesn’t happen overnight. Despite setbacks, Courtney stayed motivated and kept at it. “I would look back at my progress and realize how far I’ve come and just kept with it,” she said. “I was also lucky enough to be paired with an amazing trainer who saw potential in me that I didn’t see in myself. He pushed me past what I ever thought I was capable of, [he] encourages me and always brings me back to reality when the body dysmorphia and doubts kick in and I want to give up. I wouldn’t have been nearly as successful as I was in my journey if it wasn’t for him.”

In addition to personal training, Courtney benefited from other Xperience Fitness amenities during her progress. She said, “Other things at XF that helped me were the 3D body scanner that let me see my measurements… and the T2 classes that kicked my butt every week.”

As good as it felt to love her changing physique, Courtney really noticed the progress she was making when recognition came from others. “I finally started to realize that I was making progress when other people started to notice my weight loss,” she said. If you notice your family or friends are looking trimmer than usual, a small compliment goes a long way!

Courtney has made tremendous progress over the last couple of years, so there aren’t many people whose advice you will want to take more. To those starting their own journey, she said, “Stick with it, be consistent and take progress pictures! One cheat day or meal isn’t going to ruin all your progress. Being new to the gym [is] extremely anxiety-provoking and you feel like everyone is judging or looking at you, but I promise, they aren’t. And remember, social media is fake, stop comparing yourself to everyone else, and remember why you started.”

Excellent advice, Courtney! We can’t wait to see what else you can accomplish!