130 pound weight loss

Alec’s #UNSTOPPABLE Journey

Alec Schenzel was to the point that his weight was making his life complicated. Schenzel was depressed, unhappy, lacked confidence, and began to develop an addiction problem. About 10 months ago, Schenzel decided to change his life for the better and start making his physical and mental health a priority. Since beginning to workout, Schenzel has lost 130 pounds and has greatly improved his mental health. 

Schenzel was at the point in his life where every decision hindered on his weight; because he could not stand for a long period of time, he was wary of going out in public or hanging out with his friends. 

So, Schenzel joined Xperience Fitness to help him reach his goals. At first, Schenzel joined because he enjoyed the sense of community Xperience offered, but then he found he was also able to take his stress and anger out in his workouts there. 

Since beginning to work out, Schenzel has gained confidence, energy and has even found relief from both his depression and addiction problem. 

before weight loss
Schenzel with his sister on May 12, 2018.

“Working out helped my depression and addiction problem by giving me a place to escape from all the negativity in life,” Schenzel revealed. “I began to use it as a coping mechanism whenever [I was] feeling down or getting addiction cravings. It has also improved my mental health because when your physical health is better it, in turn, makes your mental health better.”

In just two short weeks, Schenzel began noticing his body was allowing him to do more at the gym. When he first started, Schenzel could barely stay on the elliptical for more than 10 minutes, but every week he would continue to increase his time by five to 10 minutes, now he stays on the elliptical for at least an hour every day. Schenzel also saw his skin begin to clear up and his water intake increase drastically. 

Now, just over 10 months after he began working out, Schenzel is able to live the life he has always wanted. As an added bonus, Schenzel said those around him also noticed the positive changes, in turn, giving him the best feeling in the world knowing his hard work is paying off. 

“I have so much more energy to do things that not only need to be done, but activities that are for fun too; like going to see drag shows, the park, going out with friends,” Schenzel expressed. “Mentally, I make time to take care of myself too. When I see my physical health improving in the mirror as well as how I feel, it really improves my self-esteem and self-confidence. Which in turn makes me want to work even harder!”

after weight loss
Schenzel on November 4, 2019 after gaining confidence and losing over 130 pounds.

Schenzel also does drag performances in his spare time and found that working out has dramatically increased what he is able to do on stage. Not only can he now do a cartwheel in heels, but Schenzel is also now much more confident and it shows in his performances. 

Schenzel hopes to continue his fitness journey to both improve his physical health and manage his mental health. 

“I plan to continue working out because it’s a great coping skill,” Schenzel said. “I have a lot more room to improve and a lot more of my journey that still needs to happen. I think it’s crucial to my mental health as well. I also wouldn’t be able to do drag if I haven’t lost weight or gained confidence from working out.”

As for those who are looking to start their fitness journey or are in the middle of one, Schenzel says being slow and steady is key. Each week add a little bit to your workouts so you do not strain your body or become discouraged. 

“Also, if you don’t get results right away keep working hard,” Schenzel reminded. “That’s all you can do. Do your best and push yourself. Results will come in time. Also, make sure your mental health is getting taken care of too. I believe mental and physical health go hand and hand.”

To follow Schenzel’s journey follow him on Instagram at @adaywithalec.