man lifts weights after gaining muscles

Wil’s #UNSTOPPABLE Journey

Stories about dieting and working out are plagued by those wanting to lose weight, while many overlook the struggle of those trying to put on weight and muscle. Wil Frost struggled with his body image growing up. Frost had always been tall and skinny, but every time he tried to put on weight and muscle, it would not stick. However, since joining Xperience Fitness in August 2018, Frost has put on 40 pounds of muscle.

Frost was tired of feeling self-conscious in his body. Growing up tall and skinny, Frost always wanted to put muscle on, but could never find the right mix of workout and diet to build lasting, defined muscle. 

“I have always wanted to be muscular, but with my body type and my metabolism, it is really hard to put on weight and maintain it,” Frost explained. “Today I realize that it is possible, it just takes a great deal of time and eating the right things.”

So, in the summer of 2018, Frost joined Xperience Fitness weighing 125 to 130 pounds. When Frost first joined, he was intimidated to workout alone due to being self-conscious. To overcome his fears, Frost signed up for personal training, forcing him to workout without the comfort of his friends. 

“That’s when I gained real confidence,” Frost remembered.

However, self-doubt set in about a month after Frost started working out. 

man before and after gaining muscle
On left, Frost in August 2018 weighing about 125 pounds. On right, Frost in August 2019 after gaining 40 pounds of muscle.

“I kept telling myself I wouldn’t see change ever and that I would not be able to gain as much weight as I’d like to,” Frost recalled. “But I decided to keep pushing through it just in case.”

After upping his calories, carbs, and protein, Frost began seeing small results after three months and defined muscles at five months. 

In addition to being far more confident in the way he looks, Frost said his mental and emotional health has improved significantly. 

“I am very active now, and working out has strengthened my mental health,” Frost expressed. “It is my form of therapy. Not only do I workout to see physical progress, but I go lift to blow off steam. I can channel those feelings into my workout, which pushes me even more.”

Frost has gone from being intimidated and nervous to walk through the front doors of Xperience Fitness to now looking forward to it daily.

“Today, I love the atmosphere and the people at Xperience Fitness,” Frost expressed. “I have made so many friends there, and constantly have people there keeping me motivated, pushing me during workouts, and giving me lifting as well as nutritional tips.”

To continue with his progress, Frost plans on keeping up with his current nutrition and exercise while changing up his workouts regularly to avoid plateauing. 

As for advice, Frost says that while you may not see results right away, do not give up. 

“Don’t give up on it,” Frost said. “It’s always hard starting out because you want to see results on day one, but that’s not going to happen…Working out is not a sprint, it is a marathon.”

“Thank you to the staff at Xperience as well as the members who continue to make my day the second I walk in,” Frost expressed. “I wouldn’t have been able to make as much progress as I have without their constant support and motivation!”