In March 2021, Victoria Phoulom committed to prioritizing her health. She struggled to find consistency in her remain, and after being a so-so gymgoer for months, she decided to join a summer fitness challenge that included a five-times-per-week lifting program. Since March, Victoria has been steady at the gym and because of it, she has dropped 20 pounds!

“I just knew I needed change and needed to reevaluate everything,” Victoria said. “I just felt gross in my own body and no one should ever feel that way. I cut out some relationships that were toxic for what I wanted for myself and started being selfish and focusing on me, so I did just that.” Making realizations like this is often what pushes people towards their goals, and Victoria is no different! However, it isn’t always easy and Victoria knows that as well. “We start to compare ourselves with other people’s journeys and wonder why we don’t see results as quickly,” she told us. “But all our bodies are different and will react differently. Weight loss and fitness is not a one-size-fits-all journey.”

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Vcitroais has found a home at Xperience Fitness and credits her Apple Valley gym for much of her success. She told us, “The environment and vibes are a huge thing for me because it makes me want to be there and keep going, so that has truly helped. Shoutout to the Apple Valley location for making this gym my safe and happy place!” Any time you can find a place in which you are comfortable, you’re in the right spot!

All of her hard work has paid off in more ways than one, too. “I’m stronger, feeling more comfortable in my own skins, gaining more confidence and overall, just content with where I am mentally and where I’m going physically,” Victoria said.

As for advice for others starting or struggling to reach their own fitness goals, Victoria emphasized baby steps. “Know your goals and come up with a plan to execute them,” she said. “Do not
try and change everything all at once because doing too much at one time will be overwhelming and set you up for failure.”

Wise words, Victoria! Thank you for sharing your story and we wish you the best of luck moving forward!