With a career working for a financial institution and long days sitting behind a desk in front of a computer, Xperience Fitness – Woodbury member Carriann knew she needed to get active and lose weight – especially with hopes and dreams of starting a family someday. While she had been consistently hitting the gym with a girlfriend, she knew that wasn’t enough. Carriann saw the desire for children and a family as a great encourager to start making healthier lifestyle choices. “I want to get pregnant and I knew in order to make that a reality, I had a lot of weight to lose,” she said. Trying for children definitely makes a woman more conscious of what she’s putting into her body and for women who want to optimize their chances of fertility, taking care of their bodies is a good first step.

While Carriann had been a member at the gym for two years prior, she had never given Personal Training a thought because of the investment in both money and time – but with the focus on getting her body as clean and healthy as possible, those reservations took a backseat. When her now-trainer, Kjirsten, approached her to see if she wanted to give Personal Training a try, she said yes – she was willing to invest in herself and her future family and make the time!

At a starting weight of 290 pounds, Carriann knew she had nothing to lose by giving Kjirsten a chance to help her reach her goals. Besides the main motivation being her family’s future, she also wanted see what she could accomplish in a years time. Carriann credits Kjirsten by saying “My Personal Trainer has been the whole reason I have stuck with this – she has provided nutrition support, encouragement, and exercise.”

With a busy career, Carriann MAKES time to frequent Xperience Fitness five to six times a week. She has made herself a priority and will continue to do so long after she starts a family. She currently trains with Kjirsten twice a week and is on her own (with a workout in hand from her trainer) the other three days. Sometimes she’ll change it up with a Zumba class here and there! “I just love the atmosphere, the classes, and the people at the gym!” Exercise and being active has changed Carriann’s life in so many positive ways. “Last winter I went cross country skiing and loved it! It was something I did when I was younger. I also went to the Ice Caves near Lake Superior and hiked around for hours with absolutely no problems!” Lately she has been enjoying the Minnesota weather by taking walks in addition to her workouts at the gym, which is something she never would have done just a year ago.

Kjirsten and the XF Woodbury family are proud to report that in just under a years time, Carriann has lost 108 pounds. Currently weighing in at 182, Carriann still has a goal to lose another 38 pounds before she hits her year anniversary of working with a

trainer. When she hits that goal, it will put her right around the 145 mark with a total weight loss of half her starting weight and a healthy Body Mass Index! While this story is only written to provide information and inspiration (and NOT to offer medical advice), research has shown that a woman who is overweight can take twice as long to get pregnant as a woman whose Body Mass Index is considered normal. Carriann has put in the work to improve her chances of making her lifelong dream of having a family come true.

When asked about how this journey has made her feel so far, Carriann says, “It’s hard to put into words how this journey has made me feel … I guess proud and accomplished are fitting! This definitely is ‘My Xperience’!”