Tara’s #UNSTOPPABLE Journey

woman smiling in weight loss before and after photos
Tara began her weight loss journey in March 2018, since then she has lost 63 pounds.

Last March, Tara Novotny was tired of feeling insecure and uncomfortable in her own body. At the heaviest she had ever been, Novotny knew she had to make positive changes in all facets of her life. To kick off her weight loss journey, Novotny began working out at Xperience Fitness.

To hold herself accountable, Novotny began participating in Xperience’s Q sessions. The motivation and support she received from her fellow Q members and the instructors were essential to her continued weight loss.

“They have all been through since the beginning, so having people who know your story makes me want to keep pushing forward until I get to where I want to be fitness wise,” Novotny expressed.

After joining Q sessions, the weight began to fall off Novotny. She would consistently hear from her friends and family that they could see a difference in her weight. But it was only after having to buy new clothes in a smaller size that Novotny truly noticed her hard work. When you look at yourself every day, it can be difficult to notice changes in your body, Novotny said.

Although she has had plenty of support and motivation, her journey has not been without setbacks. Multiple times in her journey thus far, Novotny has experienced plateaus in her progress. Plateaus are incredibly normal, but frustrating, nonetheless.

“At least two of the plateaus lasted over three weeks and it was hard to continue on when I felt like my hard work wasn’t good enough,” Novotny admitted.

The most recent plateau she went through was the most discouraging, losing only one and a half pounds in a month. As enervating as it was, Novotny pushed through, knowing she was not finished with the health journey she had started.

Recently, Novotny hired a personal trainer, Coleman, to help her drop the final 15 to 20 pounds her body has wanted to hold on to.

Once she has reached her goal weight, she plans on maintaining her health by continuing to strength train and mixing in cardio.

Now, a year after her health journey began, Novotny is down 63 pounds.

Results vary by person.