woman flexing arms

Fitness stories take years to write and some never actually finish. Shilan Delshad’s journey began a decade ago in 2011 when she first started taking group fitness classes. “I wasn’t overweight but I really wanted to gain more muscle and strength to tone up my muscles so I started taking strength classes and work myself to my goal and it has really paid off since then,” Shilan said. “I’ve continued to stay on top of my workouts every day.” Success isn’t always measured by weight loss. Losing weight just isn’t a goal for some gymgoers. Building muscle and becoming stronger is just as admirable, and the consistency Shilan has shown over the year is commendable!

Sometimes, when you set out to reach your goals, you might consider quitting or stepping away. After all, serious fitness goals take tireless dedication to achieve, so taking a break is more than understandable. Not for Shilan, though.  Giving up was never an option for me,” she told us. “I wanted to keep moving forward stay strong. I’ve worked with so many amazing fitness professionals personal trainers and they have inspired me to keep moving, stay confident, never give up, [and] always stay on top of my game. “

Motivation comes in many forms. It’s important to have internal motivators to keep yourself going, but sometimes external factors play a crucial role too. “I lost my mom to cancer last year and because of her, I wanted to stay as healthy as possible especially during the pandemic,” Shilan said. “I was working out from home, taking care of my mom. It was a challenge for me.”

Shilan’s dedication is a prime example of where hard work can take you. For more than a decade now, she has devoted much of her time to her health and physical fitness and is living a happier life because of it. She said, “I feel more confident than I’ve ever been in my entire life.”

As for advice to others, Shilan said, “stay confident, strong, be yourself, ask questions, don’t hesitate to try something new, [and] keep track of your progress.”

Great work, Shilan! We can’t wait to see what else you will accomplish.