Scott found himself on a path that he didn’t want to be down. He was overweight, unhappy, and had no energy. Scott started gradually gaining weight when he was about 18 years old from medications. It ended up getting out of control, as his heaviest weight was 550 pounds. Scott’s family became very concerned for his health and urged him to do something about it. They wanted to see him happy and live a healthier life. So, 2.5 years ago Scott decided to go for it and really focus on losing weight. We asked Scott a few questions about his goals and his fitness journey.

Why was your goal so important to you?

Scott said his goal was important to him because his family was concerned for his health and he was on a path he didn’t want to be on. He wanted to live a long, happy life, as well as increase his energy. Scott also wanted to be able to do activities, go on dates, and live comfortably. He was sick of following diets and not seeing results he was hoping for.

What was your inspirational goal?

Scott’s inspiration goal was to lose weight and increase his energy levels. He no longer wanted to miss out on family activities and enjoying life to the fullest. When Scott was at this peek weight of 550 lbs, he had a gastric sleeve procedure to help him live a healthier life. He said he is so grateful for his surgeon, as he helped him get the surgery and kick-start his weight loss journey.

What was the cost of being overweight in your life? What did you miss out on? Or miss out on doing at the highest level?

The cost of being over weight for Scott was his overall health and not having the energy to do things. He also suffered from asthma and even had a heat stroke from being overweight. Additionally, he missed out on fun activities such as biking, going to amusement parks, and doing activities with his nieces and nephews. He said it was hard to anything, because he had no energy.

Tell us about your happy ending? What is better in your life now because of the weight loss? What can you do and feel now that reflects how amazing you feel?

Scott said his happy ending was losing a total of 280 pounds so far. He has a lot more energy now and can do activities he enjoys. He even feels like he can go on dates now without being judged. Scott says it’s all worth it in the end. If you put in the hard work, you will get the results. When he was overweight, it was hard to do even go on the elliptical or treadmill, and now he up to 30 minutes on both. He also mentioned that he is so grateful for the staff at Xperience Fitness, as they are helpful and provide support.

Scott wanted to tell his story, so he could inspire someone who might also be in the same position that he once was in. He wanted to show it can be done and it is possible. Congratulations on all your success Scott. The team here at Xperience Fitness is proud of you. Keep reaching your fitness goals. You are an inspiration to many others.

Results vary by person.