In 2017, Sara Jo was unhappy with her weight and decided it was time to make some changes. Her weight was something she struggled with her entire life. In the beginning, she started off kayaking and doing outdoor activities, like she used to do. She lost a few pounds and started to get in better shape, but wanted to take it even further. Nothing was going to stop Sara Jo from feeling better about herself and getting more fit. In fact, she was so committed to losing weight that she signed up for the personal training program at Xperience Fitness. We found Sara Jo’s story so inspiring, that we asked Sara Jo a series of questions about her weight loss journey. See her responses below.

1) Why was your goal so important to you? What was your aspirational goal?

“Losing weight has helped my self esteem in all aspects of my life. My aspirations were simply to improve my quality of life, as well as looking and feeling better about myself.”

2) What was the cost of being overweight in your life? What did you miss out on? Or miss out on doing at the highest level?

“The cost of being overweight was overall happiness. At my heaviest, I wasn’t happy. You can only fake it for so long. I missed out on living. I wouldn’t go out with friends, and dating seemed near impossible because of how I felt about myself. I missed out on living a normal 22 year old life.”

3) Tell us about your happy ending? What is better in your life now because of the weight loss? What can you do and feel now that reflects how amazing you feel?

“My happy ending is losing 40lbs and keeping it off. I have confidence in my personal life, and can make it through the dating world. I even have so much confidence now that I am a certified personal trainer. I’m so excited to share what I’ve learned with others around me. I want to inspire and encourage others who are in the shoes I once was in.”

“Losing the weight was the tip of the iceberg, finding my true voice, true calling, and self worth. I’ve met my amazing fiancé through finding myself and my life now is about making those I help, feel inspired and see the hope that I did. The hard work is worth it, and I’m living proof that making a decision to make your life better is possible. It takes one day to make a decision that will change the rest of your life.”

Not only is Sara Jo an inspiration to others, a member of XF, but she is also a personal trainer with XF. It’s amazing how determination and accountability can inspire others to do so much. Congratulations on your success Sara Jo. Keep up the hard work. The XF team is proud of you. You are truly an inspiration to others.

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