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Pam’s #UNSTOPPABLE Journey

Pam Larson had turned to food for comfort and as a replacement for love since she was just 12 years old. But at 63 years old, Larson decided to turn her life around and begin exercising. Since making health a priority, Larson has lost 107 pounds and reduced her chronic pain immensely. 

At 12 years old, Larson was removed from her home due to alcoholism and placed in a foster home with four other children. This experience was not only devastating but traumatizing as her foster parents were verbally abusive. Larson was able to find sanctuary in the church and began going three times a week. Church got Larson through the years living as a foster child and she was able to return home at age 16. Larson refused to be a victim of her circumstances and enrolled in beauty school before heading to Las Vegas for what was supposed to be six months, but eventually turned into eight and a half years. While in Las Vegas she gave birth to a son and two years later she brought him back to Minnesota. About 15 years after returning to Minnesota and at the age of 39, Larson needed a career change. Due to a shattered ankle in her 20s and chronic knee pain, Larson could not stand for long periods of time anymore, so continuing her career as a hairstylist was becoming impossible. Larson instead decided to get her associate degree in applied science in heating ventilation air-conditioning design. 

Despite her career change, Larson still ended up on disability because of her severe chronic pain. To combat her chronic pain, Larson dropped from 235 pounds to 167 pounds and lived at that weight for many years. It was only after she visited a friend in Florida in April 2019 that she realized how out of shape she was. 

pam larson before weight loss

Pam Larson in 2002 and weighing 235 pounds. Her weight was having a massive impact on her chronic pain.

“A 94-year-old woman was teaching water aerobics every other day so I thought I’d go to a class,” Larson recalled. “That woman kicked my butt, I couldn’t believe how horrible of shape I was in.”

After going to that class, Larson noticed her chronic pain was being alleviated. She thought if a 94-year-old could teach a workout class, she could begin working out to get into shape. 

Working out was a habit in Larson’s early 20s, but she fell away from it. She began working out again simply by taking her dogs for walks. Slowly but surely the pounds began to drop off of her, especially when she began eating healthier and cut out sugar. 

Then, after having an Xperience Fitness membership for 12 years for the tanning booths, Larson began using it to workout. In August, Larson joined the 14-Day Challenge and lost 12 pounds in just 14 days. Originally, her goal in joining was just to win the prize money. Unfortunately for Larson, someone lost 40 pounds in just 14 days so she did not win the prize money, but she did meet her personal trainer Hunter Covelski and started attending Zumba and silver sneakers classes. Larson was also able to get down to her high school weight of 128 pounds through her efforts in the challenge. Since August, Larson has won a 30-Day Challenge and has kept off all of her lost weight. 

personal trainer and client
Larson with her personal trainer, Hunter, in August 2019 weighing 128 pounds.

Now, Larson plans to continue working out in hopes that she could be able to go back to work for the first time in nine years. Larson’s husband has been the breadwinner and she hopes to be able to contribute to their financial situation soon. On top of the motivation to get back to work, Larson continues to dedicate herself to her health because of the energy she now has and her reduced chronic pain.
“I feel like I’m in my twenties but I am 63,” Larson exclaimed. “ I hope to be an inspiration to others and let them know that if I can do it anyone can do it! And the rest of my life is going to be the best of my life! I just love the staff here at Xperience. My trainer, Hunter, is amazing and [I love] all of the encouraging features of the classes I continue to take like, silver sneakers, Zumba, and Boxx!”