Nathan’s #UNSTOPPABLE Journey

weight loss before and after photos

In 8 months, Nathan lost 22 pounds and six inches from his waist. Nathan also increased his bench press from 135 pounds to 245 pounds.

In a move most of us understand, Nathan Audeh stepped on the scale in October of 2018 and saw a number he was not satisfied with. As well as wanting to lose weight, Nathan had goals to bulk up. Since beginning his fitness journey, Nathan has lost 22 pounds, dropped six inches from his waist, and increased his bench press from two reps at 135 pounds to three reps at 245 pounds. 

Working out at Xperience Fitness revolutionized Nathan’s fitness journey and encouraged him to keep going to the gym.

“Xperience Fitness had all the necessary equipment that I needed to get to where I am today,” Nathan expressed. “Not to mention the great staff that motivated me and that I was able to build a relationship with.”

While Nathan has made significant progress, the journey was not always easy and the physical changes were not always obvious. 

“There were many times I was frustrated with my journey,” Nathan revealed. “It’s so hard to notice and see the progress you are making on a daily basis. But I kept with it because I had set a goal for myself and I had an image in my head of how I wanted to look and I kept working towards that goal.” 

It was only when his friend showed him an old picture of himself that Nathan truly felt the work he was putting in was being reflected in his physical appearance. 

“They said ‘Are you crazy?!’” Nathan recalled. “‘Look at the difference between then and now!’”

Now, on top of being proud of the way he looks, Nathan said he has so much more energy and feels far less sluggish than he did before. 

Nathan strives to continue his progress and hopes to enter a physique show in the future. 

As far as advice goes, Nathan encourages everyone to go to the gym, even when it feels like it is not worth it, because you will start seeing results. 

Results may vary by person.