In just over a year, Misty has done what some might have considered improbable – she lost a whopping 130 pounds and counting. In January of 2021, she became determined to lose weight and began working with a personal trainer in May of that year. We all have that inciting incident that motivates us to make a change. For Misty, it involved her son. “(I made the change) when I couldn’t keep up with my then three-year-old son and I was out of breath. I hated looking in the mirror at myself and buying clothes was horrible because they were so big,” she said.

Misty credits much of her success to her personal trainer, Kate. She told us, “Working with Kate was been wonderful. She pushes me and keeps me seeing the goal. She won’t let me give up. I’m so thankful to have her help me get to this point in my life.”

As for when she realized she need to make a change, Misty said, “When all my clothes were way too big. I started my journey wearing a size 22 and I’m down to a size 6 or 7 and that feels amazing to me.” Losing weight has so many positive effects, including more energy, as Misty can attest to. “I have energy. I can run and play with my son,” she said. “I can play kickball with my kids and laser tag and not have to stop to take breaths.” Making serious changes to her diet and exercise routine has led Misty to success and we couldn’t be more proud of her!

To those out there who have their own weight struggles, Misty said, “It’s hard work but it’s worth it in the end. I have struggled with my weight since I was in my twenties and I have never been more comfortable in my body as I am today.”

To her trainer, Misty said, “Thank you, Kate, for never giving up on me and helping me actually do this wonderful journey. You are truly an amazing person.”