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Losing weight is just as much about mental health as it is about physical health. For Mark Hamilton, it was his self-esteem that acted as a motivator to get him to shed some pounds. And this wasn’t the first time Mark set out to reach his goals. For the third time, Mark gave his all and this time, he’s seeing results. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accepted that compromise to do it later,” he said, referencing the common struggle faced of putting work off until another day.

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Being overweight had caused Mark significant distress. “Going places like restaurants, I sometimes had to choose a table because I knew I couldn’t fit in the booth,” he told us. “I remember coming home and just sitting in the driveway a while longer to avoid the stairs.” Little things like that are seldom thought about by many of us. Today, Mark doesn’t want to take anything for granted.

Since restarting his fitness journey, Mark has lost a significant amount of weight and has cut his waistline down. “There were instances I just wasn’t physically able to do with the kids and family like go on roller coasters or try new things like a paddleboard,” Mark said. “It was either too painful, tough, and my body size or my body weight simply wouldn’t allow me to do it.”

For many, family is the ultimate catalyst. For Mark, that came in the form of his brother. “He practically pushed me the whole way through the eleven-mile Tough Mudder race (endurance race)… I made it.” By simply joining this race and making physical and dietary changes, Mark is now living a life that he enjoys. “My happy ending is already in progress,” he said. “I’m no longer that procrastinator I once was. I can be a part of the family without being held back.”

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Mark has come a long way and has more aspirations in mind. “When I make it back to that cabin for vacation, that paddleboard and I are going on an adventure.” We hope to hear about that adventure, Mark! We’re happy to hear this story and we can’t wait to see what else you accomplish!