bulking up success story

Marissa’s #UNSTOPPABLE Journey

Sometimes transformations have nothing to do with the number on the scale and have everything to do with breaking personal records, finding yourself, and newfound confidence, as was the case for Marissa Beida. Beida had always been an active person and competed in sports throughout high school, but in 2015 she started taking fitness much more seriously. While her weight has barely changed, Beida has spent years building her muscle. 

In 2015, Beida’s best friend from college, Denise Coppock, asked her to go to Xperience Fitness Suamico with her. This is when Beida said the true insanity began. 

“We hit the gym every day, although it felt more like she was trying to kill me,” Beida laughed. 

When Beida first began going to the gym she felt frustrated because she was not seeing noticeable results. However, she learned her process was slow, but steady, and started wanting to get more and more out of her workouts. Beida’s biggest obstacle was her nutrition. She did not eat very unhealthily, per se, but she was eating too little and not eating enough of the right foods at the optimal times. 

“No matter the obstacle, I pushed forward to a better, healthier, and ultimately, stronger me,” Beida exclaimed.

running in race
Bieda in 2016 completing a Bellin Run. After just one year of Q, Bieda knocked 15 minutes off of her run time.

Beida’s frequency at the gym led her to befriend a few of the Xperience Fitness Suamico employees. Then, the gym became more than a place she would just work out, it became a place she could see her friends.  

After working out with her Coppock, who eventually became a personal trainer at Xperience Fitness Suamico, for a few years, Beida tried something she thought she would never enjoy: Xperience Fitness’s Q, a group high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session.

“Q was something I had never planned on joining, as I was never a fan of group classes,” Beida recalled. “I had an orientation with a personal trainer and she asked if I wanted to demo a Q session. The class happened to have already started, so I jumped in. It was intense, fast-paced, and everyone was having a blast.”

Three years after initially trying the class, Beida is now a Q coach and continues to take sessions herself. 

“If you can laugh while working out, you’re doing something right,” Beida expressed. “Q is not just a workout, it is an entire community of people all working towards one goal; to be better than the person they were yesterday. I’ve made so many friendships through Q, as a member and now as a coach. I love how much fun we can have in 45 minutes (some members would argue my definition of “fun” is not the same as theirs). If it wasn’t for the Q and its members, I know I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Q has not only provided Beida with a fun, intense workout, it has also helped her in her other physical activities. After one year of Q, Beida was able to cut 15 minutes off of her Bellin Run time, she has completed three tough mudders, and one half marathon. 

after muscle gain
Bieda in November 2019

In the years since she has started working out at Xperience Fitness Suamico, Beida has increased her energy, boosted her confidence, and bettered both her health and wellness. 

“I really feel that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to,” Beida affirmed. 

Just because Beida has accomplished many physical feats and coaches Q does not mean she does not continuously set new goals. 

“Whether it’s training for another half marathon or tough mudder, I constantly have new goals,” Beida said. “Now that I’m a Q coach as well, I have an even higher standard I have set for myself. Members have asked me to participate in races with them and I think it’s fantastic to have that extra accountability. It surely keeps me on my toes that members are paying attention and I better not slack off.” 

She has also has started personal training sessions with her coworkers, Eric and Jacob. Beida said they push her to limits she did not know she could reach and continuously propel her forward. 

While Beida’s journey has been years, she remembers what it was like to just start taking fitness seriously. 

“My advice is to persevere,” Beida expressed. “The grind is tough, but the outcome is so worth it. It’s like anything in life, if you want it, you have to fight for it. It doesn’t happen overnight and you can’t be afraid to try something new, like Q; it’s all about pushing your limits and stepping outside of your comfort zone.”