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Marissa’s #UNSTOPPABLE Journey

In 2017, Marissa Njos not only decided to focus on fitness for personal reasons, but she also decided to begin pursuing her degree in exercise science. Since 2017, Njos has had a daughter and has lost 20 pounds.

When Njos realized she was at a low point of her life in regards to her mental health, she knew she had to make a few life changes to improve her self-confidence. 

“I was a gymnast growing up and being in that environment – also being a little heavier than the other girls – I battled with eating and workout disorders,” Njos revealed. “I had coaches tell me I was fat in my 10th grade year when I was sitting around 135-140 pounds.”

Unlearning negative thoughts and behaviors, as well as starting her fitness regimen, were the first steps in Njos’s road to finding her confidence. Her history as a gymnast caused Njos to struggle when she first started to go to Xperience Fitness Coon Rapids, as she was only used to gymnastics workouts. 

“When I first started I was constantly frustrated,” Njos recalled. “I had no idea what to do in the gym because I was so used to ‘gymnastics workouts.’ It took a lot of educating myself on the body, exercises, and just being in the gym in general. I kept moving forward because I knew this is what I wanted for myself and I needed a change.”

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On left, Marissa Njos in fall 2017. Center, spring 2019 at 41 weeks pregnant. Right, November 2019 and down 20 pounds.

Going to Xperience kept Njos motivated because she was able to familiarize herself with an abundance of exercise machines she had never tried before. Plus, the front desk staff made a point to learn her name and greet her every time she walked through the doors. 

“It is pretty cool when [the staff] takes time out of their day to get to know someone,” Njos expressed. 

Njos’s first indication that her effort was paying off was when she noticed her face was getting slimmer. This change alone motivated Njos to continue going to the gym. 

In the three years since Njos started her fitness journey, she became a personal trainer and lost 20 pounds, but more importantly, she found her confidence. 

“I feel better now because I am not always comparing myself to others and I just have more confidence in everything I do,” Njos voiced. 

To keep on track with her health and fitness, Njos continues to set goals for herself. Her most recent goal is to compete successfully in her first bikini show, which takes place in May. However, Njos also wants to stay active and healthy for her daughter. 

“This journey started long before [my daughter] came along but I do want to be a great role model for her now and set a great foundation for her,” Njos expressed. 

As far as advice goes, Njos said the most important thing is to never give up, even when it gets difficult.

“It’s always discouraging at first,” Njos acknowledged. “Ask for help and educate yourself! Maybe even hiring a trainer for a few months or even a year will help so you don’t give up on your fitness journey this time.”

If you would like to follow Njos’s fitness journey, you can find her on Instagram @rissanjosfit.